HomeSporter Tennis Lessons Hong Kong

HomeSporter Tennis Academy was established in 2017. with the mission of promoting the development of tennis in Hong Kong through enjoyable and customised training by highly experience tennis coaches from Hong Kong. Our courses including private and group tennis courses for children and adults.

HomeSporter Tennis Lessons Hong Kong

Meet the Teachers

Carl Chui

Carl Chui

Mr Carl, senior tennis coach and sports columnist has been had been coaching tennis for more than 10 years including leading students in various competitions at schools and tennis clubs across Hong Kong.

Coach Director of Sports Family Tennis Academy

Head Tennis Coach of Tai Po Sports Association

Hong Kong Tennis Association Level 2 Coach

Level 3 Coach of the British Lawn Tennis Association

Stephen Yuen

Stephen Yuen

Course Director of HomeSporter

Registered Coach of Hong Kong Tennis Association

PTR China Evolution 9 Kids/Youth Tennis Coach

Brand Decathlon/Artengo Cooperative Coach

Yuan SIR has been engaged in tennis work and training for more than 10 years.

From the initial training of red, orange and green tennis training and nurturing many players to obtain results.

In recent years, he has developed youth training and designed youth courses and is responsible for leading team competitions.

As the course director of the Tennis Academy, we hope to design through various types of courses

Bringing the fun of tennis to more students and becoming a lifelong sport.

Max Chan

Max Chan

Registered Coach of Hong Kong Tennis Association

Miss-Hits Course Girl Instructor

Miss Chan has been engaged in tennis work and training for more than 8 years with the expertise in children training through fun and engaging lessons.


3 years old - 8 years old from HK$450/60 minutes

At Homesporter, it is our goal to bring high-quality tennis lessons to Hong Kong by nurturing young talents to reach their full potential in tennis with our highly experienced tennis coaches and personalized training.

Our tennis lessons focus on the core fundamentals of tennis consisting of footwork, technique, and strategy.

We strongly believe that apart from developing the core fundamentals of tennis which consist of footwork, technique, and strategy, the young tennis player must show an internal commitment to improving their skills and conditions. If children do not have passion and love for tennis, they will end up with no interest and drop out. That's the reason our tennis programs are designed for fun and engaging so that your child will not lose interest at the beginning.

Some of our student's achievements.

  • 3rd place in singles and team championship in the inter-primary school tennis competition.
  • Hong Kong Tennis Association - Girl's under 7 singles Championship
  • Hong Kong Tennis Association Novice Tournament Girls under 9
  • Girls group C single third place in the 7th Hong Kong inter primary tennis competition

Policy & Disclaimer

Please allow at least 15 days after purchase for the company to reserve the tennis court.

This course does not belong to Kuddo and will not hold responsible for any losses, damage, or injuries.

Tai Po Sports Ground Squash and Tennis Centre
Tennis Court, Hin Tin Playground
Tennis Court, Hin Tin Playground
Lai Chi Kok Park Tennis Court
Tennis Court, Tsing Yi Park
Tennis Court, Siu Lek Yuen Road Playground/City One