O22Y Extreme Sports (Skateboard, Inline Skating, Scooter, BMX)

O22Y was established in 2002. It was created by Hong Kong former Hong Kong in-line skating team Alan Mak who is also the premier of inline skating in Hong Kong. The purpose is to positively promote the development of extreme sports in Hong Kong, including ( Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Roller, scooter and BMX bicycles). The courses contents we provided are recognized internationally.

O22Y Extreme Sports (Skateboard, Inline Skating, Scooter, BMX)

Meet the Teachers

Alan  Mak

Alan Mak

擁有超過 16 年教學經驗,前特技直排滑輪港隊運動員,多次代表香港出外比賽。 現役香港隊教練及領隊,首個 ESPN X GAMES(Aggressive Inline)華人裁判,現任 亞洲極限運動聯會(A.X.F) 國際主裁判及技術小組委員會主任,負責制定賽事規 則及裁判守則,具有多項國際專業資格。於香港及亞洲等地統籌及策劃各類型 極限運動賽事,協助制定相關培訓課程,致力培育新一代運動員。


• 香港特技直排滑輪總教練(2007 年-現在) 

• 香港極限運動聯會副主席(2004 年-現在) 

• 亞洲極限運動聯會技術小組委員會主任(2007 年-現在) 

• Aggressive Inline 國際裁判及亞洲主裁判(2007 年-現在) 

• 2018 年印尼雅加達亞運會 香港滑板代表隊領隊 

• 2014 年亞洲沙灘運動會 Aggressive Inline 主裁判 

• 2007-2009 ESPN Asian X Games – Aggressive Inline Judge 

• 2007 年亞洲室內運動會 Aggressive Inline 主裁判 

• 2005 年亞洲室內運動會 Aggressive Inline(Best Trick)

Ka Ho To

Ka Ho To

特技直排滑輪、滑板、及滾軸溜冰超過 20 年經驗,教學經驗豐富。 

於 2014 年以港隊教練身份,帶領香港滑板隊出戰泰國舉行的亞洲沙灘運動會, 為香港隊贏得兩金一銅佳績! 


  • 2014 年亞洲沙灘運動會 滑板/特技直排輪香港代表隊教練 
  • 2007 年亞洲室內運動會 Aggressive Inline 裁判

Casi Ng

Casi Ng

花式滑板車及 BMX 單車車手,10 年以上教學經驗。 曾多次代表香港參加國際賽事,同是極限運動業界內之著名攝影師。 


  • 2012 Asian X Games – BMX Park 
  • 2011 新春國際匯演之夜 極限運動表演 
  • 2010 亞洲盃極限運動錦標賽 BMX 
  • 2007 Asian X Games – BMX Park


4 years old - 14 years old from HK$300/60 minutes

Inline Skates Hong Kong (4-14 years old) are more commonly used in modern day skating. 

These skates have four wheels in a straight line configuration, which is suitable for outdoors to avoid obstacles. It offers more ankle support, speed, and maneuverability compared to Roller Skates.

They are used in Inline Hockey and Speed Skating which is a lot like Ice Skating.

We offer inline skating course in small and boutique way with reasonable pricing, our company is run by Hong Kong well known coaches with more than 15 years in the industry.

In this beginner course, the student will learn the basic of inline skating including balancing, squad and sliding.

Please prepare protection gears such as helmets, gloves, knee and arms protectors prior of the class.

Also, we do sell or rent skating shoes.

Please WhatsApp KUDDO's WhatsApp 9402-7762 for referral on purchasing the skating shoes.

Wan Lung Rd, Tseung Kwan O
Lai Chi Kok Park
Oi Kwan Rd, Morrison Hill, Wan Chai