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Having taught to French, British and international students from state, private, international and grammar schools, I am a specialist in exams preparation such as GCSE, A-level, Baccalaureat, IB, entrance examinations, CNED courses, Delf / Dalf and I am up-to-date with the current exams boards. I also interview preparation. 

I am an open-minded teacher and I provide friendly yet challenging lessons to take my students to their next level with support and confidence. 

I teach all ages from 7 years old and all levels from complete beginners to advanced learners. I have high expectations and believe that every student should be able to fulfil their own potential to be happy and confident learners. I believe that my expertise will benefit my student

Literature, Philosophy and Humanities
MAs in Teaching French Literature and Language
Teaching Certificate

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After a first assessment lesson, I will design a program based on your needs and are tailored especially for you. 

I organise my own lessons, prepare the material and resources. I use my skills and knowledge of the French language and culture to improve my students' understanding and expression of the French language.

I always make sure to structure the lessons around the 4 language skills: reading, speaking, writing and listening and I incorporate grammar point, speaking practice, exercices and games. Alongside learning the grammar the lessons include colloquial idioms, so you are learning actual contemporary French and all aspects of the language are covered.

The lessons are based on the Common European Framework of reference for languages (A1 to C2) to provide a guideline for your learning which is recognised all over Europe. For students with previous knowledge, lessons are built around your existing knowledge in order to take you to the next level. 

Whatever the level you start from, I will give you homework and lessons to learn and practice in between lessons to embed the contents from the previous lessons and to be ready for the next one. 

The aim is to improve your knowledge of the French language to be able to take part in conversation in French and to feel at ease with it whatever your level. In order to achieve those goals, I use a well-structured scheme of work following a step-by-step way of learning the French language in an interactive, fun and efficient way. Most importantly, I adapt my lessons to my students' level, age and personality so they can enjoy their time learning French with me and benefit from their lesson both on an intellectual as well as interpersonal level.

Package Options

1 trial lesson 60 minutes
1 lesson 60 minutes
5 lessons 60 minutes
10 lessons 60 minutes

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