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Hi, I am Ene from South Korea, currently pursuing Master degree in teaching Korean to foreigners. I have years of tutoring Korean as a foreign language at an online based community and Changwon Support Center for Foreign Workers.

2009-2014 Yonsei University College of Liberal Arts
2020-Present The Graduate School of Kyungnam University KSL(Korean as a Second Language)
Employment History
2014-2017 Miraebook Publishing Co., Editor
2021-Present Changwon Support Center for Foreign Workers Korean Instructor
English: Conversation English
Korean: Korean for Children
Korean: KIIP

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1. Beginner: I do not speak any Korean. (5 lessons)

Introductions to Hangeul including vowels(모음), consonants(자음), final consonants(받침), and syllable structures(음절 구조) - 3 lessons

Greetings and Introducing- 1 lesson
1) Saying 'Hello(안녕하세요)', 'Goodbye(안녕히 가세요)', and 'Nice to meet you(만나서 반갑습니다)'
2) Introducing your name, nationality, and occupation(저는 ~이에요/예요)

Basic and classroom expressions in Korean - 1 lesson
1) Saying 'Thank you(감사합니다/고맙습니다)', 'I'm sorry(죄송합니다/미안합니다)', 'Have a good weekend(주말 잘 보내세요)'...
2) Classroom Korean: 'Listen carefully(잘 들어 보세요)', 'Repeat after me(따라 하세요), 'I have a question(질문이 있어요)...

2. Elementary: I know Hangeul and can understand a few things in Korean. (10 lessons)

Basic verbs and adjectives with present, past, and future tense - 3 lessons
1) Present tense: A/V-아요/어요/여요(해요)
2) Past tense: A/V-았어요/었어요/였어요(했어요)
3) Future tense: V-(으)ㄹ 거예요, A/V-겠-

Making negatives: 안/-지 않다, 못 - 1 lesson

Expressions with essential particles - 5 lessons
1) Topic particle(은/는): 저는 대학생이에요.
2) Subject particle(이/가): 전화번호가 뭐예요?
3) Possessive particle(의): 다니엘 씨의 책이에요.
4) Object particle(을/를): 김치를 좋아해요.
5) Location particle(에/에서): 학교에 가요 / 커피숍에서 친구를 만나요

Counting numbers, telling the time/days/months - 1 lesson
1) Chinese numbers: 일, 이, 삼...
2) Korean numbers: 하나, 둘, 셋...

3. Pre-Intermediate: I can communicate simply and understand in familiar situations. (10 lessons)

Honorific expressions - 1 lesson
1) Words: 연세, 성함, 생신... / 주무시다, 드시다, 돌아가시다...
2) Particles: 께, 께서 / -(으)시
3) Endings: -(으)세요 / -습니다, -ㅂ니다 / 습니까?, -ㅂ니까?

Irregular verbs and adjectives('ㄷ', 'ㅂ', 'ㅅ', '르' 불규칙 / 'ㄹ', '으' 탈락) - 1 lesson

Expressions with connective endings(-고, -아서/어서, -는데/(으)ㄴ데...) - 1 lesson for each ending

Other particles: 에게, 한테, (으)로, 부터, 까지, 만, 도, 와/과... - 1 lesson for each particle

Describing feelings: 기쁘다, 우울하다, 화가 나다... - 1 lesson

Suggesting and making promises: -(으)ㄹ까요? - 1 lesson
Negative commands: -지 마세요 - 1 lesson


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