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I am a native Spanish and I have lived in Spain most of my life. I have a teaching degree in Spanish and History from Puerto Rico Baptist Bible College and after college I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota for a period of 7 years back in the 90s
I currently live in Spain where I own my own Language Academy called Ketty´s Academy. I have been teaching English and Spanish over the last 27 years, and I LOVE my job. I have been teaching in the classroom most of the time but due to the lockdown we had here last year due to covid19 I had to teach all of my classes online for 3 months. I had already taught online before but not for so many hours, and I have decided I also enjoy teaching a few hours a week online. Right now I am teaching online to students in different parts of Spain, France and New Zealand. 
I also travel to the USA with my students every summer to give them opportunity to spend a month living with an American family so they can practice English. That has been the best experience with the Language for most of them. 

1987-1990 Puerto rico Baptis Bible College Spanish and History
2004-2005 Irún Language School English Proficiency Level
Employment History
2011-Present Ketty English and Spanish Teacher
1999-2011 T&T Academy English and Spanish Teacher
2009-2010 Robertson Academy English Teacher
2006-Present Freelance English-Spanish Bussiness Classes English and Spanish Teacher
2000-2001 Funvera, Bera, Spain Interpreting English-Spanish
1998-1999 Stanley Academy English Teacher
1998-2000 Freelance Spanish and English Teacher English and Spanish Teacher
1992-1997 Freelance Spanish Teacher in the USA Spanish Teacher
1992-1995 Anoka High School, MN,USA Spanish Teacher
1991-1992 Barron High School, WI,USA Spanish Teacher
1991-1992 Barron High School, WI,USA Spanish Teacher
Spanish: null
English: IELTS
English: Cambridge English
English: Conversation English
English: Toefl
English: Business English

Course Info

Articles - exercises
Possessives - exercises
Adjectives - exercises
Demonstrative - exercises
Indefinite - exercises
Prepositions - exercises
By - for: exercises ( para and por)
Personal pronoun
Relative pronouns
Determinants and pronouns
The alphabet
Treble - bass - esdrújulas
Diacritical tilde
Diphthongs and hiatuses
Male and female
Singular and plural
Questions - interrogatives.
Synonyms antonyms
Spelling: B / V, C / Z, H, MB ...
General spelling
Punctuation marks
Word order
Present - Regular
Present - Irregular
Verb 'to be' - exercises
Verb 'be' - exercises
Ser / Estar - exercises
Credit: auxiliary - impersonal
Verb 'have' - exercises
Verb 'do' - exercises
Verb 'go' - exercises
Simple past perfect
Imperfect past
The imperfect and the indefinite
Preterite Perfect Compound
Past Perfect
Future - exercises
Conditional - exercises
Conditional sentences: types
Reflexive / pronominal verbs
Passive voice
Infinitive, gerund and participle
Activities - hobbies
Food Food
House - furniture
College - Subjects
Human body - parts
Health - emotions
Days / months / date
The hours - the clock
Family - kinship
Numbers - exercises
Ordinal numbers
Countries - nationalities
Professions - trades
Clothing - clothing
Weather weather
Transport - means
City places - addresses
Tourism - travel
Games - Hobbies
READING:  ( Level 1,2, and 3)
 comprehension exercises for all levels:
                  - elementary,
                   - intermediate
                   - advanced.
STORIES : stories, fables and short stories to read or listen to.
DICTATION : interactive dictations and printable cards.
LISTENIGNS : with comprehension exercises.
VIDEOS : courses in Spanish, lessons and subtitled series.
     SONGS : children's songs and the best pop songs in Spanish with video and lyrics.
1.    Aprendo poco a poco ( level 0, Level 1, Levels 2 and Level 3)
2.    Aula ( Levels 1 and level 2)

Package Options

1 lesson 60 minutes
20 lessons 60 minutes

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