Private 1-1 Online English Course

I have a passion for teaching both children and adults. I studied Publishing at the University of Pretoria and did 5 modules of English literature. I tutored 2 modules during my studies at the University. I also tutored computer literacy and English for middle school students. 

Bachelors degree in Publishing at the University of Pretoria
A 168-hour TEFL certificate obtained from The TEFL Academy.

Course Info

I will create an environment where you feel encouraged, motivated and confident speaking English. I will accomplish this by 1-on-1 lessons where I can direct and lead you. I will divide the lessons into speaking conversational English, reading and listening activities. I will make use of pictures, videos and songs to keep you engaged and entertained. 

Package Options

1 trial lesson 60 minutes
1 lesson 60 minutes

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How to attend the lessons?

For offline class, we will create a WhatsApp/Signal group between tutor/coach and you to streamline the communication. For online class, there will be a unique Zoom/Skype/Google Meet Link sent to your email and/or WhatsApp. You can use the link to access and attend the class.


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